If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to figure out if a Timber Frame is the right choice for you.

It can be an overwhelming experience for self-builders trying to make choices that will effect their future home. One of the main questions is usually whether or not to choose a Timber Frame build over a Brick Build.

Choosing the right product and method for your new home is important.

So, why not let us help? It’s not about boasting about how amazing timber kits are, but to help you on your journey. We want to be open and honest with you and share some of the reasons why our product could be right, or wrong, for you. If you would like to read why we maybe timber frames aren’t a good fit for you first, click here. Otherwise below are some of the reasons why you Should go with a Timber Frame for your Build.

1. Quick build

One of the great things about timber frame construction is that the onsite build is a lot quicker as it’s all pre-manufactured. After you’ve laid the foundations and the kit is delivered to site, a timber frame could go up and be water tight in a matter of weeks!

2. No limit on design

Timber frame houses are unique to the personal preferences of people building them. So, that’s why each design is completely different. How does a home designed to your exact needs sound? No compromising on space (like you often have to do with estate new builds). Timber Frames offer endless design possibilities and can open more doors for your new build.

Design - Architect with pen in hand doing house sketches

3. Cost effective

When manufacturing in a factory setting, these costs are a lot more predictable. Just a few men could manufacturer a timber kit in a factory, compared to 5 or 6 building on site conventionally. Less men, means less overheads for the company.

Plus, on brick build construction, lots of things could cause delays and add up into additional costs. For example, the weather… So, if you are lucky enough to live in bonny Scotland, you know how temperamental it weather can be. Timber frame construction isn’t weather dependent, so no delays in your time. And well, you know what they say, “time is money”.

4. Reduced construction time

Because the timber frame is manufactured in a workshop prior to being delivered to site. The construction time of the build is a lot quicker, due to all the parts arriving ready to fit together.

Compared to convention building methods the construction time is massively reduced with Timber Frames. So, no longer is it a painfully slow, brick by brick process. But a quick, affordable solution that will help you move in sooner.

5. Not weather dependent

The wettest parts of Scotland experience an average of 250 days of rain per year, whereas the driest parts only experience an average of about 150 days of rain per year. And that’s not even including snow fall…

That’s 40% of the year that traditional building methods can’t operate and could cause delays for your project.

But, with Timber Frames, no matter rain or snow the build will go on. So, if you’re lucky enough to live in bonny Scotland then you understand why this is such an important factor for self-builds.

6. Sustainable building method

Due to the methods we use to build a timber kit compared to other construction methods. You know choosing a timber kit is the most eco-friendly way out there. Here are four quick points on how timber kits are environmentally friendly:

1. Lowest CO2 cost of any commercial building method.

Concrete uses 5 times (and steel uses 6 times) more energy to produce than timber frames.Transportation cost to site are lower due to timber being lightweight, meaning less back and forth travel. Plus with timber being light it means its easy to install by using only simple equipment. This has a huge impact on the amount of energy used for a project, creating lower CO2 builds.

2. Locally and sustainably sourced timber.

At The Kit Co. we believe in helping to reduce the impact we cause. That’s why all our suppliers are locally based and use only sustainably sourced timber. Did you also know that in Europe we are committed to planting more trees than ones that are harvested? How great is that!

3. Less Waste.

Due to timber frames being manufactured in a factory setting you have much greater control on your projects waste. The on-site build also has minimal waste in comparison to convention construction. Less waste, Less Landfill – Timber frame construction really helps to promote a more sustainable society.

4. High levels of thermal insulation, means less heating for you.

Timber Frames really are the eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving. How does a better Building Energy Rating sound? And cheaper energy bills? With timber frame construction you can choose the insulation to suit your needs. Using a better performing insulation and membranes can bring U-values down to an all time low. Meaning more saving and less heating.

7. Higher quality

It’s all about quality control. Something that on regular site builds that can often be forgotten.

You’re always going to get a better quality of product if its created in a controlled environment. Building on site is a challenging endeavor and little things can slip through the cracks with regular builds. With timber frame builds its all pre-manufactured, so you have a clear plan in place before even stepping onto the land.

Better quality management, materials and construction. Three things you’re guaranteed to get with timber frame builds.

8. Lightweight structure – strong and durable

While Timber Frames are known for being a lightweight form of construction. Do not mistake this for meaning they are weak. Timber Frames are remarkably strong and durable. With some framed buildings lasting for centuries with the right care. Plus, as Timber frames weigh less they can be used on brownfield sites or land with difficult conditions.

9. Modern method of construction

If you’re the type of person who likes to stay on trend then a timber frame build is the way to go.

Timber frames are gaining more momentum throughout the UK. And its no wonder! They’re fast builds, with no compromise on quality paired with being eco-fiendly. Two things every self-builder wants to be aware of when doing a self-build.

10. Off-site manufacturing

One huge benefit of choosing a timber frame is that everything is manufactured off-site. Their created in controlled conditions which are better for ensuring great quality. Once its delivered to site everything fits together like a puzzle. A timber frame could go up and be water tight in a matter of weeks because of the prior preparation.

It saves a huge amount of time on site, meaning you can you get into your new home faster.

11. Easy to maintain

Timber frame homes are cheap and easy to maintain compared to other materials. Your home structure is normally “guaranteed” by the manufacturer for different periods of time. Usually from 10 to 40 years. However, as a timber frame expert we recommend that your timber frame is taken care of. So, after 5 to 10 years we recommend a structural check. That way you have the opportunity to fix any problems that have arose.

There are lots of ways to repair timber frames, so you can get the longevity you deserve. Like any home, there is going to be some upkeep required.

So, is a timber frame the right choice for you?

If you think a timber frame is going to be the right solution for your build. Why not get in touch with our team at The Kit Co. and see how we can help you?

I hope this article has been of use to you in your decision process. If you have any questions leave a comment and one of us here will get back to you.

Thanks for reading!