You have probably read our 11 reasons why you should go with a timber frame for your build. And you might now be thinking, but what if timber frames are not for me, after all?

Well… we won’t blame you. Building your dream house is a big deal – regardless of design or size of your build, it is important to get the essential things right. Even more crucial when it comes to a foundation of your house or extension!

We don’t want to boast only about the perfect qualities of timber frames. At The Kit Co., we always want to be transparent with you about our products and services. After all, we aim to help you on your journey where possible. So, we collated some reasons why you should not go with a Timber Frame for your Build.

Let’s dive in.

1. Noise and Sound.

If you live near a highway, or in a particularly noisy area, the soundproofing of timber frame structures may not be as good when compared with concrete or masonry. These dense materials have better in-built ability to reduce all types of sounds.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that there are no ways to go around this problem. You might want to invest in timber construction, and add insulation or sound deadening materials. This will add more density to the structure and stop the sound transmission from outside.

2. Research = Quality.

If designed and manufactured properly, timber frames are strong and robust structures. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good knowledge of using the timber frame construction methods. If you don’t research and contact a trusted and knowledgeable construction crew or architect… well, there is a chance that your construction project will not achieve the desired quality.


If you’re not willing to do a little research at the beginning, your project can suffer. Research equals quality. Do little research, don’t be shocked if the end quality isn’t great. Do lots of research, then have peace knowing you’ve chosen the best option for you!

By equipping yourself with some knowledge you can protect and achieve a higher quality build! Your timber frame is designed and manufactured to set standards. So, it is crucial to ensure that ground works and other adjoining constructions are set out with the same high degree of accuracy. Unless you contract reliable and trusted companies, there is a risk that on-site problems arise.

The quality of erecting the frame results from strict, experienced conditions. So, to ensure an exacting standard is achieved, a reliable expert site supervision is required. This is why timber frame suppliers, like The Kit Co., offer their own erection service – It makes the process quick and easy. Plus it means you have the peace of mind, knowing your kit has gone together as accurately as possible.

3. Potential Rot and Insects.

Just like any wood which is exposed to damp conditions, timber frames might rot. In the case of modern timber frames, the problem is very rare to happen. In fact, the actual frame itself is pressure treated with preservatives so it’s well-protected. Yet, poor maintenance can result in cladding or fascia boards suffering from rot.

Timber frames can also rot if they’re poorly built or in an extremely wet climate. If anything isn’t sealed correctly and your frame isn’t well damp proofed, long-term damage can happen. However, a well-built and maintained timber frame will never produce conditions that are suitable for rot or insects.

So, what’s this about insects? Don’t worry this doesn’t mean that you’ll have wee beasties crawling about your house 24/7. But timber frames might occasionally suffer from termites or woodworms attacks. So as long as your house is warm and well ventilated this shouldn’t be an issue. Regular cleaning and caring for your home can ensure any long-term damage is avoided.

We are not here to scare you! Only to show you why timber frames might not be the right choice for you if you don’t care about regular maintenance of your home.

4. You are planning major alterations.

Timber frame structure might not be the best choice for your building if you are planning to make major alterations in the future. It is true that Timber Frames offer endless design possibilities and can open more doors for your new build. Yet, getting additional alterations or extensions is very tricky. Mostly because it involves breaking of the vapor barrier or even cutting the timber structure. Such adjustments can then result in voiding manufactures guarantees.


However, if you are building your own home, the chances are that you’ve thought about the future. You don’t want to build a house and then think “I wish we added another bedroom”. One main thing an architect will help you with is future proofing your home. That way a few years down the line, you still have everything you need. Making “alterations” to your new home, a moot point.

5. You just don’t like them.

Some people prefer cats over dogs (not us of course, don’t worry Finn!). Same with timber frames.

There are people who will never like timber frame. And that’s fine! We can’t change your mind or taste, but we can show you some examples of our past projects. All representing a unique taste of its owners, making the house a very special and personal place to live in.