A Timber Frame Kit for New Build on Ravensheugh Rd

If you haven’t heard yet, we at the Kit Company don’t see your project as being just a house. We treat it as your home. A personal space filled with your individual preferences. We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality bespoke timber frame kit and professional service. All focused on the needs of our customers.

When the client came to us with a highly specified design for this proportioned detached house, we were pleased to show our expert knowledge. In fact, we have become masters at solving your construction problems. Always ensuring your carefully designed construction plan is maintained as much as possible!

As you can see, by choosing timber frame construction, you don’t need to compromise on the quality or scope. Our timber frame kit created a solid basis for all three levels of the property. It also formed a perfect arrangement for an airy, open-plan sitting room, kitchen & dining area. Needless to say, we love how the house looks spacious, but cozy at the same time. Featuring 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mezzanine gallery, and sauna, it surely is a great place to live. Its sun-soaked terrace leading a garden is just a cherry on the top.