What is a Self-Build?

Simply put, a self-build is the build of a bespoke home that is tailored to your design requirements, lifestyle and budget.

If you are choosing to commission a bespoke build instead of buying a standard developer-built property… Then you are what we call, a Self-Builder.

Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that you’ll be doing the physical building, designing and decorating (although, some do). But choosing to go down the self-build route means you can tailor the process to suit you. How much time and money you spend is completely your choice!

There is something different you get when you put the work yourself into creating your new home; finding the site, appointing an architect, decorating and landscaping to your specific vision. The experience is totally different to just turning up one day to the house and picking up the keys.

So, How does a Self-Build Usually Work?

There are many different routes you can go down with a self-build. You could manage the project yourself, or choose someone to do it all for you.

Most self-builders like to project manage their build themselves. Doing this means you would oversee all the work that takes place throughout the process. This means finding and purchasing your own plot, working with an architect to come up with a design, and appointing a contractor. Not only that, but you’d also manage the separate teams to ensure your home is built on time, and more importantly, on budget.

Other self-builders will hire a professional to project manage their build. While some like to have a contractor or house supplier take care of it all. However, these two options generally come with an extra price tag.

Build Route 1 – You project manage the build, and employ a team of subcontractors.

Build Route 2 – You employ a project manager and a team of subcontractors.

Build Route 3 – All work is carried out by a main contractor.

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Why Choose a Self-Build?

For some people the thing they love most about self builds is that at the end of the process they have a home, completely tailored to their needs as a family.

They have made the choices and created a home that is perfect for them. Without having to conform to the characterless new-build estates we see so much in our country.

So whether you’re a total novice or a pro construction worker, self-building is such an accessible route to a new home. You can build something that is truly perfect for your needs. Something that you’ll be proud to say you created!

There are many more reasons on why you should do a self-build. So to help you, we’ve created a post about them! You can find that here.

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