Self-Build FAQs

When it comes to your new build you can have lots of questions. And we get it! It’s normally a new experience for our self-builders.

So to help you we have created some frequently asked questions about self-builds.

If you can’t find the answer your looking for then get in touch and we will be happy to help!

How long does a self-build take?

From finding a site to moving in the whole process could take around 2 years. But around half this time is spent securing planning permissions and choosing suitable contractors. The actual onsite construction of your new home could take about 6-12 months; depending on the type of house you’re building, and your chosen building method.

How much does a self-build cost?

Well, this pretty much depends on what you want to build. There are a lot of varying factors that go into building a new home; the type of structure, the exterior finish, the interior finish, and your service connections.

You can check out our price guide here for more details or even our blog on “How much does a self-build cost?” here.

Can I manage my whole project?

Of course you can! If you are the type of person that is incredibly organised and loves to plan things, then you can definitely manage the project yourself. However, if balancing different plates at the same time isn’t one of your fortes then there is no problem asking for some professional advice and help along the way.

Can someone else manage my whole project?

Sure! There are a few different building routes you can use for your build. So if you’d feel more comfortable with a pro taking the wheel, then great! There are tons of options and people that will be able to help you on your journey to your new home. Plus, you get to pop in along the way and see your building unfold. It is great to see your initial plans become a reality!

What is a Self-Build?

Simply put, a self-build is the build of a bespoke home that is tailored to your design requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Why Should I choose a Self-Build?

For some people the thing they love most about self builds is that at the end of the process they have a home, completely tailored to their needs as a family.

They have made the choices and created a home that is perfect for them. Without having to conform to the characterless new-build estates we see so much in our country.

If you want to see more reasons why to choose a self-build then head over here!

Where can I find land for sale?

If you are looking for land for sale there are plenty of ways to find it. You may want to look at some of the websites below that show plots/land for sale. Or you can pop in to your local estate agent, or even check your local paper for nearby plots.

How long does it take to build a property?

The actual build of your property can take anywhere from 6-12 months. It totally depends on the type of construction you want.

One of the great things about timber construction is that the onsite build is a lot quicker as it’s all pre-manufactured. A timber frame could go up and be water tight in a matter of weeks!

Plus timber frame builds aren’t weather dependent. Whereas you may find delays due to weather with other construction methods.

What size plot do I need to build a property?

This completely depends on you and the size of home you want to build! The larger the home the larger the garden will have to be.

The below figures give you an idea of the minimum garden sizes our local council allows. These numbers exclude any area set aside for garages, and assumes that there is a minimum rear depth of 9m.

All houses with five and more bedrooms not less than 100m2
Three and four bedroomed detached and semi-detached houses not less than 80m2
Two bedroomed detached and semi-detached houses not less than 60m2
Terraced houses not less than 50m2
How do I get planning permission?

Unfortunately getting planning permission can be quite tricky. And there can be a few hoops you have to jump through.

Firstly you will need to contact your local planning office to get planning permission. You’ll have to do this for some extensions as well as new builds. Some smaller projects that don’t have an impact on surrounding areas may not need a planning application. Instead they can get what is called “permitted development”.

In an ideal world you’d want to speak to them about your build before you purchase a plot. Just in case there are any reasons why they might not let you make the changes.

Then if the planning department are happy with your design, you will need to apply for outline or detailed planning permission.

Why do I need planning permission?

If you are looking to extend or build a new property, the chances are you’ll need planning permission. Further down the line if you don’t have planning permission, you could be asked to take down any alterations or builds . Which will lead to a lot of wasted money…

So to make sure that your build is regulatory friendly always check to see if you need planning permission. You can do this by checking with your local council.

How difficult is it to get planning permission?

Generally it’s easier to get planning permission for plots that have a property already, have outline planning or even lapsed planning.

Trying to get planning permission for a plot of land that is used for agriculture or forestry can be much trickier.

Always speak to your local planning office before buying a plot to make sure you’ll be able to build your new home.

What are the advantages of doing a self-build?

How does a home designed to your exact needs sound? No compromising on space (like you often have to do with estate new builds).

Plus, wouldn’t it be great to save some money in the process? Well you can do just that with self-builds. Building your new home can generally save you around 30% compare to what you would buy one for.

What are the disadvantages of doing a self-build?

The main disadvantage with self-builds is probably location. Most plots of land available for self-builds are rurally located. So if you’re looking a new home in the centre of a city, there will be a lot more challenges in your way.

However if the peaceful air of rural areas is calling you… Then a self-build option will give you a home tailored to your exact needs.

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