Bespoke Design and Planning

Have you already decided to use timber frame for your construction project? Or maybe, you were persuaded by our 11 Reasons Why You Should Go With A Timber Kit For Your Build? Now you might be wondering, but what if I have specific requirements? So you know, by choosing timber frame construction, you don’t need to compromise on the quality or scope. The timber frame method will open your construction opportunities. This gives you flexibility in building your dream house, cottage, or maybe a personal space, where you will feel good.

We at The Kit Co. acknowledge that each house is indeed unique to the needs of people who build and live in it. In fact, we believe it’s our ability to truly listen to our clients’ needs that sets us apart. Our team pride ourselves in professional and bespoke service. So we can ensure that our timber frame design solutions will bring you only the highest satisfaction.

Bespoke timber frame design from us simply means that we take your plans and develop them into a personalised construction. Accurately reflecting what you have planned with your designer. Would you like us to help you from the earliest stages of the project planning? No problem! Our team of professionals has a proven experience. So that we provide you with cost-effective timber frame design solutions. Without sacrificing quality.

Case Studies

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