If you are an architect looking for someone to bring your vision to life. Then you’ve come to the right place. It is always a delight when you have an opportunity to work with a reliable partner. The right partner can develop your designs into a detailed creation that accurately reflects what you have planned.
At The Kit Co., we love a creative challenge. We have successfully worked with architects on a scale of projects, and we have become masters at solving problems. We also understand that as an architect you want your design protected. That’s why we will work with you so the integrity of your vision isn’t compromised. 
We believe that our timber frame solutions will benefit your projects.  In fact, timber frame construction is gaining its momentum in the UK and it’s no wonder! It offers a variety of possibilities, with the design being fully adaptable to your bespoke design concept.
The Kit Co. is an experienced timber frame manufacturer that will supply you with a bespoke high quality timber frame solution, using only good quality, sustainable materials. If you provide us with a set of drawings, we will advise you on an estimate for the structural design, manufacture and delivery to the site for erection.
Do you think that The Kit Company is the right timber contractor and partner for your construction project? Then call us on 0131 665 1035 and our knowledgeable staff will advise you further.

The Kit Co. FAQs

It is always a pleasure working with a reliable and experienced partner. Someone who reflects your designs accurately. We want our clients to know all about us before they say yes.

Case studies

Want to see some examples of projects we have worked on? And maybe get some inspiration for your project along the way…Then head over to our Case Studies page.