Timber Frames

At The Kit Co. our whole world revolved round timber frames. We are timber kit mad!
Timber frames are gaining more momentum throughout the UK. And its no wonder! They’re fast builds, with no compromise on quality paired with being eco-fiendly builds. Two things every client wants to be aware of when doing a self-build.
Plus choosing a timber frame build instead of traditional brick build doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise on scope or quality.
In fact, timber frame construction can open up more opportunities not easily achieved by using brick building methods.
The Kit Co. prides itself in manufacturing a bespoke high quality timber frames. We use only the finest woods from sustainable and renewable sources. And are dedicated to reduce the carbon footprints of your construction projects as well as our own.
Whatever your requirements, we at The Kit Co. are ready to assist you in making your visions a reality. If you would like to discuss your designs and project with us, contact us on 0131 665 1035. Or simply fill out our form and we will be in touch soon.

Why Choose a Timber Kit?

When it comes to building your own home you want to make sure that it’s done the right way.

Trying to figure out whether or not a Timber Kit is the right fit for you can be difficult. And we get it.

At The Kit Company we want to help make the answer easier for you.

That’s why we have created 11 Reasons why you Should go with a Timber Kit for your Build and 5 Reasons why you Shouldn’t go with a Timber Kit for your Build.

It’s not about boasting about how amazing timber kits are, but to help you on your journey. We want to be open and honest with you and share some of the reasons why our product could be right, or wrong, for you.

Case Studies

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